Peak Lenin 7134m

31.7. – 1.9.2013





Day 1. Arrival to “Manas” international airport (Bishkek). Early flight to Osh. Arrival in
Osh and accommodation in a guest house.
Day 2. Transfer: Osh – Achik-Tash Base Camp. 280 km, about 8 hours driving.
Arrival in Base Camp – BC. Double tents accommodation.
Day 3. Acclimatization. Climbing Peak Petrovskogo (4830m). BC
Day 4. A training day. BC
Day 5. Acclimatization climb to Camp1 (4200m). Accommodation in twin tents.
Day 6. Acclimatization climb to Camp2 (5300m).
Day 7. Acclimatization climb to Razdelnaya summit (6100m), coming back to Camp2.
Day 8. Descent to Camp 1 (4200). ABC
Day 9. Descent to the Base Camp. BC
Day 10. Rest day. BC
Day 11. Climb the Camp 1 (4200m). ABC
Day 12. Climb the Camp 2 (5300m).
Day 13. Climb the Camp 3 (6100m).
Day 14. Ascent the summit (7134m) and descent to the Camp 3.
Day 15. Reserve day.
Day 16. Descent to the Camp 1. ABC
Day 17. Descent to the main Base Camp. BC
Day 18. Additional day in case of bad weather conditions. BC
Day 19. Transfer: Base Camp – Osh city. Accommodation in a guest house.
Day 20. Air flight Osh – Bishkek. Hotel accommodation. There is a farewell dinner,
dedicated to the ending of expedition or successful ascend.
Day 21. Transfer to Issyk-kul.
Day 22.-30. Climbing, hiking around Kyrgystan.
Day 31. Departure to airport.
Day 32. Arrival to home country.


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